The 30’ kauri launch – Nerrida was built in1969 by Shipbuilders. Forward motion is via reconditioned Ford 110hp 6 cyl. diesel Ford 110hp 6cyl diesel As per a lot Shipbuilders craft she has a semi workboat look to her.

While the interior fit out looks like they used the same people that do the Fullers ferries, there has been a lot of recent work done. From the number and size of all the chilly bins, the seller must be a serious fisher-person.
(Thanks to Ian McDonald for the tme heads up)

2 thoughts on “Nerrida

  1. Just looked at Nerrida on web we owned a Shipbuilders boat from 2000 to 2011 named Nerrida and everything about the boat looks the same as we had, things in the same place etc – but upgraded looks magic. I hope it is the same boat as it needed what has been done. Cheers Des Dew

    Hello Des – email the history to the below email address and I will add to the story. Alan H


  2. This is another one of the many hard chine 28ft to 34ft craft built by owners from a kitset or partially or totally built by Shipbuilders as per the original owners requirements.
    PEARL DIVER, previously featured in woodys, is another example..
    They had many different coamings designs & layouts. — KEN R


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