The 30’ kauri launch – Nerrida was built in1969 by Shipbuilders. Forward motion is via reconditioned Ford 110hp 6 cyl. diesel Ford 110hp 6cyl diesel As per a lot Shipbuilders craft she has a semi workboat look to her.

While the interior fit out looks like they used the same people that do the Fullers ferries, there has been a lot of recent work done. From the number and size of all the chilly bins, the seller must be a serious fisher-person.
(Thanks to Ian McDonald for the tme heads up)

5 thoughts on “Nerrida

  1. Hi there please give Harlan Cox my email address plus phone no 0274431334 063441234 we owned Nerrida and have most of it’s live history. Thanks Des

    On Wed, 17 May 2023, 8:39 pm #1 for classic wooden bo


  2. Hi yes we owned Nerrida between 2000- 2010 approx please give Harlan Cox my email address or my phone no 063441234 or 0274431334 I have the full history of Nerrida so pleased to help him. Do not publish this contact it’s only for Harlan. I don’t do Facebook. Des Dew


  3. Hi all, we’ve just recently purchased Nerrida and moved her up to Totara North, Whangaroa harbour. We have a book that came with her detailing some of her history. Indeed the book lists a D&J Dew as owners from 2001 – 2011. I would be interested to make contact of possible to discuss some of her history. We’ve been enjoying over night trips on her and took 3 nights to make the delivery trip north from mahurangi with our one year old baby in tow, she loves it! There is now a baby gate fitted between the cabin and cockpit. Regards, Harlan Cox


  4. Just looked at Nerrida on web we owned a Shipbuilders boat from 2000 to 2011 named Nerrida and everything about the boat looks the same as we had, things in the same place etc – but upgraded looks magic. I hope it is the same boat as it needed what has been done. Cheers Des Dew

    Hello Des – email the history to the below email address and I will add to the story. Alan H


  5. This is another one of the many hard chine 28ft to 34ft craft built by owners from a kitset or partially or totally built by Shipbuilders as per the original owners requirements.
    PEARL DIVER, previously featured in woodys, is another example..
    They had many different coamings designs & layouts. — KEN R


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