Today’s story is another example of the effectiveness of WW – Grant Parker yesterday posted a comment on a WW story that appeared back in Oct 2014 – the 2014 story was on the c.1962 McGeady built launch – Challenger. 

I have reproduced Grant’s comments below, 

“The 38ft ” Challenger built by McGeady. was owned by my family in Tauranga in the late 1970’s > early 1980’s. After the Bradshaw family of Rotorua owned her  she was sold to the Finn family also  from Rotorua.

My father Bert Parker from Rotorua purchased the Challenger from Ray Finn. When he sold her she went to Havelock in the Marlborough Sounds where an older couple lived on her for a number of years.

The next owner was the owner of a trucking company in Nelson, he went bankrupt and she was sold again. The last I heard was she ended up North, maybe Bay of Islands, possibly the Opua area.

Our family had some great memories, the photos above of – Challenger, show her in her former glory with varnished coamings etc.

The photos show Challenger in :  downtown Tauranga, Whale Island off Whakatane and South East Bay Mayor Island.”

Grant maintained an interest in the whereabouts of Challenger and once tracked her down in Havelock, then the ship broker in Nelson supplied the copy of her 4sale listing.  

Purely from reference as to how our classics can morph over time and owners – I know which one I’d like to own 🙂

Link here to the 2014 WW story – lots of photos and chat there

Update from a woody – photo below is captioned Onerahi Whangārei / February 2022. This is very sad……. 😦

6 thoughts on “Challenger

  1. I’m rather saddened to see this last photo.She looked her best when my family owned her late 70s to early 80s,To see a once beautiful launch reduced to this is very sad.My Father would turn in his grave ,if he saw what has happened here.


  2. My friend Norm Fairlie, would turn in his grave if he saw his stunning pride and joy become what she is now. KEN R


  3. McGeady boats were quite forthright in style but that’s just plain fuggly. So…. Under the Whau bridge at full hole having judged the tide right. Remember to steer from down below. Actually Ngapipi Rd bridge was ok for that too….. Several boats tried over the years.


  4. How could you destroy a once lovely looking boat. Please put her back to original with varnish work. i believe there was a similar boat same era called Ora-Kia.


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