Mystery Clevedon Launch – Seaforth

Mystery Clevedon Launch


While sliding up the the Wairoa River on Saturday, on route to the Clevedon Cruising Club, I spotted the above launch hauled out.
Her identity is really bugging me, I feel I should know who she is, but just can’t ID her.
Hopefully one of the CCC members will help us out or Mr Herbert 😉
Update – Nathan has come to the rescue – the launch is Seaforth – lots of photos and details at the WW link below


Can anyone provide details on the whereabouts of the 40’ launch – Albatross III, built c.1960’s to a Harry Biddle design.
Previous locations are Auckland > Bay of Islands > possibly Nelson. Owned at one stage by Joe Bosanquet. Call sign was ZM4180

6 thoughts on “Mystery Clevedon Launch – Seaforth

  1. Curious…l just (13.12.22) purchased an ‘ Albatross lll ‘ launch (ex MOT)
    (currently in Whangarei)
    I was told built to survey in 1984..
    But interestingly have just discovered R L 11.63 inscribed in her forward beam..
    (and call sign–ZMV 3446)
    She’s 12.7m without the anchor prod.
    (has a duckboard/fishbox extension)
    Supposedly built by Lidgards
    So this could be that boat..
    ps..President Jimmy Carter “steered” her in 1983..(got the picture)

    Would love to hear more regarding my new project…Tom.S.

    Hello Tom – can you email some photos to the address below. Kind Regards Alan H
    Photos added below. Alan H


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  3. Joe Bosanquet built Albatross and finished her off in his back yard in Kohimarama. The last time I saw her about a year ago she was on the hard at Kawera Beach in Kawhia where she had laid for several years.
    Wayne Brewer


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