SAMBO – Work Boat Wednesday

The above photo was sent in by Russell Ward via a client of his, Bruce Fletcher, whose father was an avid photographer in the pre ww2 period.
The photo shows the very smart work boat Sambo, back then ‘looks’ was a factor in the design of even commercial craft, unlike today. Also back then, given her name,  it was a very un- PC world 🙂

What more do we know about her – design, builder, year, specs etc?

Input from Cameron Pollard & Harold Kidd – SAMBO was built by Tom Le Huquet at Devonport, commissioned by W.R. Twigg for Auckland Launch & Towboat Co (Pearce & Bentley) and launched in March 1914,  with a 16 (rated) hpTwigg engine. Later sold to the Blue Boats (George) around 1940. Sister ship to JUMBO (1913) and STRANGER (1912/3).