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Ngaru’s trademe listing (thanks Ian McDonald) states that she is an old Sounds launch that made her way across Cook Strait to Wellington 20 years ago.
She has had the same owner for most of that time, but changed hands 18 months ago. During this period her current owner has undertaken a lot of system upgrades and caught up on her maintenance. Changing circumstances are the reason for the sale.
Ngaru is 27’ in length and powered by a Nissan LD20 diesel, that’s sees her cruising at 6 knots.
With some TLC Ngaru would make a perfect boat to enjoy Wellington Harbour and beyond.
Does any of the Southern woodys know more about her past?


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Ngaru had a wee oops early this year & took on a fair amount of water, you can see in the photos of the engine cover and interior side walls the depth of the water in side the boat. But while there will be damage to her Isuzu 4cyl. engine, gearbox and electrics, I understand she did not ‘go-down’.

She was built by the Lidgard’s in 1947 & is approx. 27′ in length, but in true Lidgard style, she is very spacious for a sub 30′ launch & in my eyes rather pretty.

I have featured Ngaru on ww today as she has been sitting on the hard at Dockland 5, Port Rd, Whangarei since late February & is now up for an on-line auction, starting bid being $2250. Trust me woodys she will be a steal & has the making of a great classic launch.
The Turners auction # is 16374284 & closes this Sunday 25th.

If my old mate Tom is reading ww today, he will onto this auction faster than you can spell Beehive Matches 😉