The above photo of Moata crossing the Grey River bar on Sunday (28-03-2020) was sent in by Dave Stanaways, Dave commented that they were luckily that both Grey and Westport are a lot shorter crossings than the likes of the Manukau or Kaipara bars.
The photo below ex Lew Redwoods fb is dated c.1940-1959 and shows Moata alongside the wharf in Auckland – Moata was built in 1937 by WG Lowe.
Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 6.24.48 AM
For a work boat she has stunning lines 😉
See / read more on Moata at the WW links below

Workboat Wednesday – Moata

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Work Boat Wednesday – Moata

Baden Pascoe sent me the photos above of the 1937 WG Lowe built Moata, owned by Fin Horder, who is doing some nice work on her. Baden commented that its nice to see a classic work boat still doing her stuff and being understood.

Extra cool to see the problem solved by not nailing ply over her decks.

Moata made a cameo appearance on WW back in April, click the link below to see a great b/w photo of her c.1960 on the Clevedon River.

Any One Heard of ‘France Craft’, or better still own one?

The bronze bow fitting / boatbuilder’s plate below, is for sale on trademe – thanks to Peter Thorpy for the listing heads up.

Moata & Caprice





Todays photos are from Bruno Redwood’s facebook page & show the 1937 Moata anchored in the Clevedon River c.1965, the river was ‘in flood’ at the time. The 2nd photo also shows the 34’ launch Caprice, built in 1916 by the Grandisin Bros. 

The last photo, just of Caprice c.1966, again on the Clevedon. 

You can view / read more on Caprice here

And Moata here




The above photo shows Moata alongside the old Clevedon Wharf on the Wairoa c.1960.

What became of her & details on her past life would be a nice – workboat woodys??? (Photo ex Lew Redwood Facebook)

05-04-2018 UPDATE

Input from Harold Kidd & Cameron Pollard – MOATA was built in 1937 by W.G. Lowe & Son for Nobel Explosives to bring explosives from the stores at Maraetai to town. She replaced the cutter REWA. 

Currently owned by Fin Horder and fishing out of Westport/Greymouth and further. So she’s not a “captain calm water” boat. Gardner powered of course and she is kept in perfect condition.

Geoff Brebner Input – For years she was kept on a mooring at Kawakawa Bay, not far from the ICI explosve magazine at Waitawa Bay.