Miss Kathleen




Miss Kathleen

I have been contacted by Lake Rotoiti boat builder Alan Craig in regard to the launch Miss Kathleen. Alan had her hauled out at his yard pre Christmas for a bit of repower. Barry Green had owned her for a number of years but unfortunately he passed away last year. He left the boat to his grandkids, so it was being given a bit of work by his son Ross to make it more use friendly for them.

Out came the old 50hp David Brown engine, from the 1940s? & in went a much smaller Nanni. Alan commented that Barry would be turning in his grave over it, he swore the motor never leaked a drop of oil 🙂

Miss Kathleen is going back in the water soon and will continue to be used on the lake.

If there’s anyone out there who wants a trusty old 50hp David Brown diesel engine and a Clae gear box, Alan says it is there for the taking, its only being used as a lawn ornament at the moment.

You can see other photos & details on MK at the link below – but note the claim it’s a 1902 Logan is under question & Haold Kidd has suggested that she is more likely to be built by David Reid 10>20 years later.



Miss Kathleen


Miss Kathleen



A 1902 Logan, 27’6″, kauri planked. Built by Logans for a wealthy Whangarei family. She was used as a please boat & spent most of her life in the Bay of Islands. Subsequently used for long-line fishing. She resides on Lake Rotoiti.

Powered by a 50 year old David Brown 50h.p.

Miss Kathleen was rebuilt in 1989 & purchased by her current owner, Barry Green, in 1997 from Captain Richens, an old sea captain.

Harold Kidd Update

Yet another mythological “Logan”. Looking at her hull, she’s obviously neither Logan nor 1902. A 1992 “Northern Advocate” article on her provenance talks about her 1989 rebuild by Colin Richens and infers her original build date at around 1925, which is more like it.
However, I suspect she’s a bit earlier than that and possibly one of several launches of her type built for Whangarei by David Reid of Drake Street, Auckland, around 1914-16.