Woody Boat Boot Sale – Report


The weather forecasters got it right on Saturday for the woody boat boot sale at The Slipway Milford – overcast / sunny till midday then showers – so perfect for the 14 vendors that set up shop at the yard to peddle / trade their wares. Best booty went to Russell Brooke and best result to Simon Smith who sold everything and most ever expensive items (when new) – he went away with a big smile and a fat wallet 🙂

Had a cool mix of vehicles – seems a lot of woodys either drive classic pickups or top of the range electric – Tesla.

Light on photos of stuff because it was just too busy to get near most tables.

Popped out the back of the shed to check out the woodys hauled out – Valsan getting the final prep b4 the Jason Prew paint job, Marline getting its annual TLC and a selection of smaller woody yachts – Ngahere and Maru.

A nice casual social catch up with the woody community + I personally picked up a few treasures for the glory box. And what am I going to do with one only bronze belay pin – the size of a pen ? It was too lonely and cute to not give a home to 🙂

And the pair of bronze good fortune stars were very quickly acquired  – to quote Davie & Co. in the UK – “A star on board encourages positive energy. It can make good things better and stops bad things getting worse’ I have in the past giftedthem to friends boats.

At What Number Do You Stop Being A Collector & Become A Hoarder? – Maru

At What Number Do You Stop Being A Collector & Become A Hoarder? – Maru
The fleet of classic vessels under the wing of Jason Prew grew over the weekend after a trip to Cooks Beach to extract the 24’ Mullet boat – Maru. Built be Clare and Collings, her sail number was #12. The clip below from the Boating NZ archives records how Mr Prew acquired the vessel.

What more do we know about her? 
Below is a selection of photos from the Boating NZ archives – read and see more here https://boatingnz.co.nz/maru-and-aucklands-24ft-mullet-boats-match-racing-the-mulletties/