At What Number Do You Stop Being A Collector & Become A Hoarder? – Maru

At What Number Do You Stop Being A Collector & Become A Hoarder? – Maru
The fleet of classic vessels under the wing of Jason Prew grew over the weekend after a trip to Cooks Beach to extract the 24’ Mullet boat – Maru. Built be Clare and Collings, her sail number was #12. The clip below from the Boating NZ archives records how Mr Prew acquired the vessel.

What more do we know about her? 
Below is a selection of photos from the Boating NZ archives – read and see more here

7 thoughts on “At What Number Do You Stop Being A Collector & Become A Hoarder? – Maru

  1. In 1967 I was on Maru and along with the Mirage we did a long weekend sojourn from Panmure to Te Kouma, Coromandel township and back to the Tamaki. She was owned by Dennis Sisson who was master with Subritzky Shipping. Had the nice big gaff rig but the doghouse was pretty unappealing.
    What a great weekend for a young fellow. The next owner was a foreign going chap in Whitianga.


  2. On a glass front door of a 1940s house here in Whangarei is what I think is a sand etching of a Mullety, sail number S 12. I have a photo of it if anyone would like it, or if anyone has any more info please share. Friends bought the house recently and the family selling it had no connection to the boat. The owner is a keen yachtie so the glass should stay as is, grandkids allowing!

    Hi Laurie – email the photo to the address below and we will see if it can be ID’ed. Cheers Alan


  3. A fine looking boat @jasonprew and good to see you’re not rising to the bait. Put me down for a day on the sander or dolly.


  4. I am a previous part owner of the 24 foot mullety Maru. Kerry Dobbs, Denis Lindsay, Rueben Hogwood and Colin Reid purchased Maru in 1958. Maru was exactly like the photo on page 25 of The Glory of Sail by Ronald Carter. Including the detail of the anchor warp wound around a a cotton reel screwed to the cabin top. Sailing Maru was a huge learning curve for four young sailors.

    We owned Maru for only one year as our lives were taken over by our careers – and four lovely young ladies.

    We wish you all the best for the restoration of Maru and I hope you will remove that ugly doghouse.

    We have owned many yachts (Moth, 12 foot skiff, Spencer Sabre 30 foot, Townson 32 Peer Gynt and currently Fine Line 111 , an Elliott 1050.


    Colin Reid


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