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Thursdays story on Almda (Almida?) prompted Alastair Scott to send in details on another Jack Cropp woody. Alastair’s family owned Ondine for 57 years until he sold her to a new home in Wellington in 2017. The gallery of photos below the many propulsion configurations Ondine went thru. The photos also to me demonstrate how varnish can ‘lift’ a boat to another level of WoW factor 🙂 
I’ll let Alastair tell the family story:
“Jack built Ondine for my father – Laurie Scott  – in 1959. The construction consisted on long lengths of 1.1/2” cedar strips that were shaped over an internal frame that was removed when the hull was complete . These cedar strip incorporated a bevel and these were glued and nailed together with copper nails every 4”. This  method of construction produced some lovely lines along with the tumblehome shape at the transom. 
Whilst Ondine was used extensively in Akaroa harbour and the Marlborough Sounds over holiday periods, she has had an assortment of power units over the years.  Initially it was a pair of 30HP Evinrudes, then a pair of 35HP Gale outboards, then a Volvo 120HP inboard/outboard unit and lastly a single Honda 75 HP outboard. The Volvo was the most successful but we lost a lot of internal space thus the appeal of the outboards. Ondine was a very safe boat and one that would plane easily. My father always reckoned she was at her best when one of the kids sat on the edge of the bow at speed. Probably not a good H & S example in today’s PC world.”
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ALMIRA – A Classic Jack Cropp Designed Motor Launch 

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ALMIRA – A Classic Jack Cropp Designed Motor Launch 

The 20’ motor boat, Almira was built in McCormicks Bay Christchurch in 1965 with African Meranti marine laminated ply riveted & glued clinker plank. 
For sale on trademe, she is in totally original condition, with according to her listing, absolutely no rot. 
Powered by a Palmer & Doak marinised 1500cc Ford GT engine rated at 78 BHP driving through a stern drive. 

Included is a folder with a log from day one plus a letter from Jack Cropp about its construction etc. he comments on the fact that the engine has plenty of power to get on the plane. 
Jack was an Olympic yachtsman and won a gold medal at the 1956 games in Melbourne and well known for building quality well designed wooden boats. 
The boat is light and easy to tow, has been in dry storage all its life. Currently residing near Ashburton, Canterbury, South Island.

Sorry about the standard of some of the photos.


I have to question deciding to cancel an event, based on a weather forecast, in Auckland, 4 days before the event…………….. 😦

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