Lady Jade

photos & details ex John Sankey & John Pryor

A ‘new’ classic was launched last weekend at Hamilton’s Landing on the Mahurangi River.

Lady Jade at 39′ is a Dave Jackson design and there are a further 3 sister ships currently under construction locally.
Her hull was started by local boating identity Col Bell and purchased by Andrew Hamilton when Col struck health problems.
She was worked on by both Andrew and his son Grant over the last year or so. The Hamilton Family have been boat builders and farmers on the Mahurangi for at least 5 generations, starting as scow builders and there are currently 3 generations still living on the property. They have been launching boats at this very un-marina launch site for 150+ years.

The mast on Lady Jade came from the wrecked (rescued & restored) Logan yacht Gypsy. Her bow roller is from the ex Logan lifeboat Tuna. She is powered by a 6lxb. Gardener, an ex show engine from Gardner UK. Supposedly, the last Gardener ever built.

The story of the Round NZ Cruise of Karros II

The Round NZ Cruise of Karros II
told by Jillian Inglis & sent in to ww by Jamie Hudson ex Peter Berrett

Click the blue link below to view the story 😉

Ernie’s gone fishin

The above folks is an exceptional read – 3 blokes – Ernie Seagar, Bill Boulton & Dave Jackson (owner skipper of Karros) in Feb 1985 undertook a 7 week circumnavigation of NZ that they loosely describe as ‘Gone Fishin’.
Its 18 pages long so grab a coffee / tea & find a comfy spot – I guarantee you wont be able to stop reading. Make sure you view the photos on pages 15>18. Teaser below

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.57.33 PM
I understand the story surfaced for the 80th birthday celebration for Ernie Seagar. In the photo below, Ernie is pictured in July 2014,  on-board Margo & Jamie Hudson’s classic launch, Lady Crossley, holding a photo of LC on her launch day, Ernie’s father had LC built by Colin Wild. Ernie’s grandmother launched LC.




details & photos ex Sea Spray April 1962 edition, supplied by Ken Ricketts

Built for Mr Doug Ellis of Northcote, by Dave Jackson, she is 30′ 6″ long, 9′ 6″ beam & draws approx 3′. She was built in a shed adjacent to the northern Harbour Bridge approaches, at that time, which was reported to have been quite historical & used by Bill Couldrey & before him Bob Brown, designer of the Z-Class, in days gone by.

She was originally powered by a 100hp Scripps marinised Ford V8 driving a 20×18,  five bladed propeller through a 2 to 1 reduction gear.

She is single skin full length Kauri with Tanekaha timbers deck beams & coamings with extra trim in Mahogany.  She sleeps 6.

In the photo above Mrs Ellis is pictured christening Cyvette..

Harold Kidd Update

Dave Jackson built CYVETTE to his 1957 design for LADY BEV which he built for himself and kept for many years. CYVETTE was later renamed BONAVENTURE.
Dave built a huge number of boats in the Sulphur Beach shed in which Bob Brown had built many craft before he drowned trying to save a child in the early 1930s Brown built a number of mullet boats, ARETHUSA and designed and built the first Zeddies. After his death, Bill Couldrey took over the yard and built all those great keel yachts and launches there. Dave Jackson took over the yard when he set up on his own after leaving Collings &  Bell. Mrs Brown still owned the site. Ernie Seager also operated his marine engineering business from the yard alongside Dave.

17-04-2016  Could Cyvette be Bon Voyage ?
photo & details ex Ken Ricketts

Bon Voyage is based at Gulf Harbour & is powered by an Iveco 6 cyl diesel & has been owned by Richard Barrington for a around a year. He bought her as Bon Voyage off Keith Williams & believes she was built around 1960 & could be originally have been Cyvette.

Keith Williams told Ken he had her from c.2000-2001 & sold her to Richard B. a little over a year ago & she was at Gulf Harbour when he bought her. She was called Bon Voyage & also had the  Iveco at that time he bought her. Keith can’t recall who he bought her off & thinks he bought her as result of a sign in the boats window. He recalls the previous owner was working in Albany at the time & thinks he may have lived in East Coast Bays.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.59.51 PM





photo from Dave Jackson

It is very hard to design a sub 36′ launch (I’m guessing on her length) that looks ‘right’ i.e. that all the bits work together, in proportion. This very smart launch (in my eyes) ticks most of the boxes.

Input from Dave Jackson 16/11/13


Built by Dave Jackson & Graham Christian

Devonport, 1957

For Ken Quinton

Original – 4 cylinder Ford

Designed by Brin Wilson