5 thoughts on “Karros

  1. I’ve compiled a booklet (maybe it’s a brookelet?) on Jack Brooke which Tony is getting printed for sale at the show, funds to Tino Rawa for its most worthy purposes. It’s based on 4 articles I did for BoatingNZ on Jack up to 1940 plus a rather cursory update from 1940, about 8500 words in all and hopefully with lots of pics…after the style of the Colin Wild one we did last year.


  2. Hi Trevor
    I’m sure there will be. In fact there is a ‘old boys’ morning tea dockside at 10.00am on Friday which I’m sure you could gate crash. There should be more than enough Jack Brooke DNA there to help you 🙂
    Cheers Alan


  3. Hi Alan, I’m an avid follower. Will there be anybody down at the Wynard Quarter tomorrow, that can help me with a bit of Jack Brooke history? Regards, Trevor.


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