Sea Spray > Helena


Back in Nov 2020 boat builder Alan Craig (Craig Marine) and I were chatting re a 1956, 17’ clinker run-about named Sea Spray that was on tme and claimed to be built by J Logan. A quick call to Harold Kidd confirmed the provenance and Alan acquired Sea Spray on behalf of a client.

More photos here of the boat as purchased

By Feb 2021 Alan was well into the restoration / refit – photos here

The yard re-planked the bottom up to water line and rebuilt the whole cabin top and interior. While to some it may appear a lot of effort for a 17′ boat, remember woodys it’s the real deal – a Jack Logan boat.

The project was finished at the end of 2021 and relaunched at Xmas 2021.. Now called Helena, she has been converted to electric, through a steerable pod in place of the rudder. Helena will do a good 10hrs without charging, Alan commented that’s a lot of trips to the Lake Rotoiti hot pools 🙂 I’m told Helena is a quite comfortable boat, even with 4 people aboard.

Her old engine, a 10hp Arona diesel is hopefully going to replace another in a yacht in the far north. 

The Perfect Clinker Day Boat

The Perfect Clinker Day Boat

Today’s clinker woody has been popping up in social media (tme & Facebook) for a while. If your looking for a day boat or something to get you out and about on the lakes, this could be the boat.

Almost 14’ in length, with a Stuart Turner engine that if you believe her tme listing, runs sweetly eg starts and keeps running 🙂 And when it doesn’t there is a Seagull long shaft o/board to get you home.

Not sure about the build year of the boat, but the engine is dated 1940.The rather smart trailer is part of the package.

Any takers?

ps 1-1 in the A-Cup, I’m happy with that 🙂

Mystery Clinker Launch



The photos above were sent to me by John Bullivant & show a large clinker built, canoe sterned launch parked up at 115 State Highway.
John commented that she looks like she’s been built for the rough stuff.
I apologise for the quality of the photos – ex google earth 🙂
Anyone able to tell us more about this unusual looking craft?