The Perfect Clinker Day Boat

The Perfect Clinker Day Boat

Today’s clinker woody has been popping up in social media (tme & Facebook) for a while. If your looking for a day boat or something to get you out and about on the lakes, this could be the boat.

Almost 14’ in length, with a Stuart Turner engine that if you believe her tme listing, runs sweetly eg starts and keeps running 🙂 And when it doesn’t there is a Seagull long shaft o/board to get you home.

Not sure about the build year of the boat, but the engine is dated 1940.The rather smart trailer is part of the package.

Any takers?

ps 1-1 in the A-Cup, I’m happy with that 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Clinker Day Boat

  1. Like Stuart Turners, Seagulls will always start……..if you intimidate them with the right curses. However, it is fair to say that, when it is really, really necessary, they will start and keep running cheerfully as long as you need them. That proves that they are not just engines, but engines with soul ……………….and living beings. Despite his cynicism, Colin knows that.


  2. Hi nice boat, previously (october) you mentioned someone selling Stuart Turner engines boat boot sale would like to contact if possible cheers. 0274221063 thanks .

    The engines were sold in one lot to a collector. Alan H


  3. Nice boat. Just as well it’s got a paddle as it’s likely the Seagul won’t start either 😩


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