PEERLESS Mystery Launch 07-08-2015
photo ex Colin Pawson
Today’s photo are from Colin Pawson’s grandfather, Charles Pawson, photo collection. This one appears to be Islington Bay, Rangitoto Island & you can just see Charle’s launch Wondabyne on the left.
The challenge for woodys today is whats the launch in the forefront ? For once I think I know the answer, but I’ll keep my ‘powder dry’ 😉

UPDATE A little too easy today, as Russell Ward said its Peerless , the 1913 Andrew Petersen designed & built launch. Andrew was helped by his apprentice, Sam Ford. Lots more details at the link below, but the great news is that Peerless has recently changed hands & is now hauled out & the restoration process has started.

H4 – Sailing Sunday

H4 – Sailing Sunday
photo ex Colin Pawson
Today’s photo is another from Colin Pawson’s grandfather, Charles Pawson, photo collection. The yacht shown has the sail number H4 , so I’m guessing she is a 26′ mullet boat ?? but that’s all I know. No doubt the sailing woodys can tell us more about her.

Harold Kidd Update

Indeed ESMA. She was built by Charlie Gouk in 1912 for Gib Mackay and his sons. F W Johnson of 2 Pompallier Tce, Ponsonby owned her for much of the 1920’s, then “Sailor” Edgecumbe and then Jimmy Sutherland. She was named after Esma Clare (b1904). Last heard of in the North being brought to Weiti for restoration. Any news of that?



photo ex Colin Pawson

Today’s photos are from Colin Pawson’s granddad, Charles Pawson, photo collection. The one above shows his launch ‘Wondabyne’. The first one below shows Wondabyne anchored with another launch in a mystery location.This photo is one of my favorite black & white classic boating photos.

I’ll give the first woody to correctly ID the location a Harley Davidson motorcycle leather key fob. The first woody to positively ID the 2nd launch (on the right in the photo) scores a HD pen & its not a plastic ball point. (2 prizes = 2 winners) Wondabyne was kept moored off Hamilton Road in Herne Bay, Auckland, as were a lot of vessels in the days before the Westhaven marina was developed.

Keen to know more about Wondabyne e.g. designer / builder, other owners, what became of her.

Harold Kidd Update Her correct name is WONDABYNE, not WONDERBYME, thanks Harold, Colin P had already pulled me up on that 😉. Her history is somewhat obscure but my best guess is that she was built in 1921 by Dick Lang as LOLITA for H. M. Phillipson. A.C. Pawson of 33 Hamilton Road, Herne Bay, the publisher of the Auckland Star, bought her about 1924 when LOLITA II was built, and renamed her WONDABYNE. She was 30′ x 8′ and had a 2 cylinder Palmer. My guess of spot is Deep Creek if Riverhead’s not correct. PS after reviewing the LOLITA and WONDABYNE entries in my database, I’m more confused than ever as I see Phillipson owning WONDABYNE (sic) on the RNZYS records until 1925. No doubt there’s a strong link between the two boats but I can’t be precise on it. However, it looks like it was Phillipson (who formerly owned AORERE) who named her WONDABYNE. PPS Sorry to have a third hack at this. Andrew Pollard came across a launch in 2008 of very similar layout with the name LOLITA carved in her bows. Perhaps Andrew could have a look at the pics he took at the time and confirm whether that LOLITA is WONDABYNE? Photos added below. Alan H

Nathan Herbert asks the question – same boat (below)?