Today’s featured launch has been keeping both Nathan Herbert and myself awake at night, we are both positive we have seen it before – either on WW or the CYA forum or trademe – but just can not find it nor remember her name / details.
The photo comes to us from Andy Donovan’s boat broking photo collection.
On face value she would most likely (oops starting to sound like Ken R) be from the drawing board / shed of A. Couldrey.
Can anyone ID her for us?. A 100% positive ID (the first one recorded in the WW comments section) wins a waitematawoodys cap, these are new to the WW gear locker and are not on sale yet.
21-08-2019 Input From Harold Kidd – The launch is Colleen, built by Charles Aspden. Link below to previous WW story and photos – make sure you read the comments section.
WCW Riverhead2019

(The) Colleen

photo & details from Janine Leighton

The above photos were sent to me by Janine Leighton, the granddaughter of Charles Aspden who built (or co-built) the launch (The) Colleen in the 1930’s. Charles was living at Northcote Point then. Notes on the back of the photos record that the vessel was apparently sold in c.1939 to Charles Shelley (sp?), an Auckland furrier.

Janine & ww would like to know what happened to her post this & does she still exist?