Great 1930’s movie featuring the launch Waitangi


Fantastic 1930’s movie footage of the launch Waitangi & another motor boat doing close maneuvers between the rocks east of Hooks Bay. The first 1/4 has some great aerial footage of Waiheke Island back then. The skipper must have known the area like the back of his hand because remember there were no gps or depth sounders in those days. All boats I believe were owned the the Stein family.
Waitangi certainly had a bit of zoom zoom in those days -petrol Kermit engine, replaced c.1955 with a diesel.

The movie is titled ‘Beautiful Waiheke’ & I suspect was a promotional movie for Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. Filmed c.1930 by Alex Lambourne. Features the classic launch Waitangi. The white dinghy in the rowing sequence is called ‘The Beagle’.
Starring Peter Stein, Dean Ellingham, Alan Lambourne, Joan Woollams, Arthur Nicholson, Cynthia Restall, Shirley Vicary + others

Thanks to Roger Guthrie (brother of CYA member Graham) for forwarding this footage to waitematawoodys.