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I have been contacted by Graham Paddon looking for information regarding Prudence – his 36’, 1965 Bob Swanson designed and built launch. Graham purchased her as an unfinished project about 3 years ago.
You will see in the photos above, ex the front cover of the November 1965 issue of the Mana Cruising Club newsletter – how Prudence looked when launched, the 2nd photo is the newsletter story on the boat. 
Graham knows very little of the boats history between her launching and when he bought her 3 years ago. If any woody can help Graham out it would be very much appreciated. The photos below show her today…….  I have to say she has lost the classic look. The newsletter photo and the fact she is triple-skinned kauri is just enough to sneak into WW 🙂
Classic Yacht Association Yachting 2019 Regatta
Last weekend saw the biggest fleet of classic yachts competing on the Waitemata in years – well done to the new CYA crew for pulling it all together. 
I was out of town but Roger Mills, aboard James Mortimer’s Logan – Little Jim, filmed and edited a very cool video from Day 2, Race 2. Check it out below – stunning footage of the old girls racing on our magnificent harbour – speaking of which – if you can, remember to join todays protest flotilla to stop the Auckland Council stealing more of our harbour – meet at 3pm off Queens Wharf – details here.  

Stop Stealing Our Harbour

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 A 2nd WW post today – to draw your attention to what your friends at Auckland Council are up to with YOUR harbour. This is a shout out asking you to do 3 things.
1. Read this email 
2. Sign the petition (link below) to help save our harbour for future generations and stop Auckland Council selling it off for a few extra dollars, most of which will end up in the pockets of foreign-owned shipping corporationsand share it far and wide so we can reach the goal of 10,000 signatures. The petition will be handed to Auckland Council Representatives at the Protest Rally on Sunday, 10th March at 3pm at Queens Wharf.
3. If you own or have access to a boat – join the protest flotilla the Sunday (10th) at 3pm off Queens Wharf. No boat? Meetat the northern end of Queens Wharf.

Your Harbour Needs Your Support Today @ 3.30pm

Open letter to Ports of Auckland

Stop Stealing Our Harbour

C’mon Ports of Auckland, stop stealing our harbour!

So no-one would notice, you snuck through a resource consent just before Christmas to extend Bledisloe Wharf nearly 100m into the Waitemata Harbour. No public notification, no public consultation.

You plan to begin work on the extensions next month despite public outcry.

Apart from destroying views of the harbour from Queens Wharf – views we Aucklanders paid $40 million for – the Bledisloe extensions are the thin end of the reclamation wedge.

Once the extensions are in place, you will simply apply to fill in the gap so you can park thousands of cars and stacks of containers.

We are not against Ports of Auckland operating in the city but we are against you grabbing more space, narrowing an already congested Waitemata Harbour and blocking connections and views between the city centre and the harbour entrance – that belong to Aucklanders.

In 2013 Len Brown promised a study of the social, cultural, environmental and economic effects of Ports of Auckland’s place in the city before any further expansion. We are still waiting for that study. Doing the study will not cost the city any jobs or the Council any dividends. Until it’s done, you MUST stop all expansion work including the extension of Bledisloe Wharf.

The Waitemata Harbour is one of Auckland’s greatest assets, one we hold in trust for future generations. Through your actions it is now under further threat.

Aucklanders deserve better than this.

If you own something that floats – get out there today at 3.30pm to show you care.


Some Photos from the day