Lovely Lady (Star Drift)


Todays photo photos of Lovely Lady come to us via Andrew Donovan’s photo collection from his days a boat broker. In a previous WW story Harold Kidd told us she was built by R.T. Hartley in Whangarei in 1951 to a design by Dick Hartley. As launched she measured 33’ x 11’ x 3’9”. She looks a tab speedy in the photo and this would be from the Scripps V8 she was powered with.
Lucky Lady was built for game fishing and was featured in the December 1951 Sea Spray magazine. Any one got a copy? Take a phone photo and email it so we can all review
Back in August 2015 Pam Cundy sent me the photos below of the launch Star Drift moored in Tryphena Harbour, Greta Barrier Island. HDK ID’ed her as being Lovely Lady. You will observe that back then she was looking very ’tired’ – can anyone update us on her present location and condition?
Update 04-08-2019 photos below ex Tont Simpson of Star Drift hauled out at Tryphena, Great Barrier Island.

UPDATE 06-03-2023 – article below ex November 1951 issue of Sea Spray magazine. Sent in by Peter Crane

Star Drift (Lovely Lady)

STAR DRIFT (Lovely Lady)
photo ex Pam Cundy at Whangateau Traditional Boats

Now today’s post is looking very sad, but still afloat. The photos show Star Drift (if that is her real name) moored in Tryphena Harbour at Gt Barrier Island. The flying bridge (I hear you John 2Dogs) almost passes the test, so I suspect at some stage she has spent time in the hands of a good boat builder.
What do we know about her & given I do not know the date of the photo, is she still there & floating?

Harold Kidd Input

The boat was launched as Lovely Lady & was built by  R.T. Hartley at Whangarei in 1951 to a design by Dick Hartley. She was 33’x11’x3’9″ and had a Scripps V8 originally. She was built for game fishing and is featured in the December 1951 SEA SPRAY mag.

Update 04-08-2019 Photos below sent to me by Tony Simpson, who spotted her on a trailer at Tryphena, Great Barrier Island.



Tony Simpson