Lady Doreen – Win a WW T-Shirt

Lady Doreen @ Russell

Lady Doren a

Lady Doreen – Win a WW T-Shirt

As mentioned yesterday, Dean Wright also sent in the above two photos from the Snook Fullers collection. In the 1st photo we see Lady Doreen coming into weigh two marlin at Russell (the anglers left to right in the cockpit Ist guy unknown, WG Sherman, Bill Pocklington, Emmet Olsen, 5th guy is the deckie, name unknown).
In the 2nd photo with the 3 kingfish over the side – I’ll give a WW t-shirt to the first woody that can name the Maori gent standing on the left in the cockpit. Answers only via the WW comments section. (If you have won one already, you are out of luck)

31-07-2017 Update – In the comments section Lindsay suggested that the mystery person could have been Kura Beale, it wasn’t – the correct answer was Matt Rata. But Dean Wright sent me the photo below of Kura weighing in a thresher shark.

Kura Beale



Bay of Islands Game Fishing Fleet

Bay of Islands Game Fishing Fleet

Woody Dean Wright was given access to some of Snook Fullers super-8 film that showcased big game fishing in the Bay of Islands. Dean edited all the fish out and made the movie clip below of the wooden boats Snook captured. A very impressive collection of craft.
I assume all (most) of you are able to view youtube movies?– if you are not, drop me an email, I would hate to think a lot of you were missing out.

I have 2 great Lady Doreen B.O.I. photos from Dean which I will post on Saturday & run a wee promo for the first person to name a passenger in the boat 😉 WW t-shirt for the winner.