Tall Ship Peking Rounds Cape Horn – Movie

Tall Ship Peking Rounds Cape Horn – Movie

The above 1929 film is shot and narrated by Captain Irving Johnson and records the tall ship Peking on her outward bound journey around Cape Horn.
Special thanks to Max Pike for sending me the link.
Input from Keith Ottaway

“She is still afloat and being restored……..


There is another of these in Sweden / Finland


And a read of Eric Newby book on sailing these with a complete set of photos.


The book has some very good photos under way and what they had to do – very readable – but on a winters night in front of the fire to make you appreciate what you have.”


Tall Ship Peking – Tackles Cape Horn

Tall Ship Peking – Tackles Cape Horn
The movie below was shot and narrated by Captain Irving Johnson in 1929 and features the tall ship Peking on her outbound journey around Cape Horn. – Its 1/2 hr long but a good insight into when men were men 🙂
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For lovers of wooden boats – the 2020 Calendar of Wooden Boats, published by Ben Mendlowitz and Maynard Bray has just hit the shops. You can buy it on-line at the WoodenBoat Store – link below. Nice to see that our own Waitangi has mage an appearance – gracing the month of December.
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Woody Report From A Far #3

Woody Report From A Far #3

My cub reporter sames to have reverted to his past – the latest trip report is all sail & even a steel one, I have sent a strongly worded note reminding him his lavish retainer is based on a supply of wooden motor boat articles 🙂

Only in the USA – the USS Constitution 200+ years old and even though now a museum, she is still a commissioned warship. Despite her nick name her hull is 21 inches thick timber. Undefeated in battle she was feared by the British who gave her the nickname as they could not sink her.

One of the last generation of great sailing ships, the windjammers. Peking was built in 1911 & not a woody as her hull is steel.She is permanently berthed these days at New York’s South Street Seaport.