Help Needed Identifying This Launch (Caesars Palace > Paris > Alena)

Help Needed Identifying This Launch – Caesars Palace > Paris > Alena

Can not read the name (something Palace?) and the tme seller doesn’t know the builder or year, but commented that mid 1960’s looks right. Also others have mentioned she has a certain ’Shipbuilders’ look to her. But all the aside, we know she is 34’. Made of strip planked kauri and powered by a Ford 90hp diesel that sees her cruising at 7 knots, with a max of 9 knots. Home berth is the Hibiscus Coast.
Can we expand on the above.

Also they would have to win the award for the most ‘off-the-wall’ question on the tme listing – see below 🙂

UPDATE – seems the boat has had multi name changes – thanks to Darrin Kennedy we now know she was called Paris and before that Alena and probably something else b4 that 🙂

PARIS (Alena)

PARIS - GULF HARBOUR 7.11.15 - 2

PARIS (Alena)
details ex previous owners via Ken Ricketts, rewritten by Alan H

The early origins of Paris are unknown but luckily her recent history is well recorded. The speculation is that she was built mid 1960’s  but the builder is a mystery. Ken would name his normal favorites – Shipbuilders, Lidgards etc but in terms of the ww records I will leave it blank until we unearth more info.

Paris is approx. 30′ long & powered by a 90hp 4 cyl Ford Dover diesel Moon Engine. The engine apparently originally had a mechanical gear box, which has been replaced in recent times.

Some History – starting in the late 1990’s. She was named ‘Alena’ at this stage.

• Purchased c.1997 by Warwick Tankard off a gentleman named Rod Gear (of Gale Plastics). When Tankard bought her she had been on the hard stand at Half Moon Bay marina for 3>4 years following a partial sinking. Tankard undertook the work required to return the vessel to the water & kept her at Bucklands Beach for approx. 5 years. During Tankards ownership c.2004 the vessel suffered an electrical fire on-board & was completely re-wired & at the same time the engine was replace with the Ford Dover.

• Tankard sold the vessel to Tony & Ember Emm c.2002. After purchase they used her for 6months then transported her to their back yard in Whenuapai and spent the next 18 mths. undertaking an extensive restoration. During this period they did extensive work to the cabin & decks, removed rot & glassed the hull 😦  The Emm’s renamed her Paris before re-launching her. Named in lieu of a much promised, never eventuated trip to Paris. During this period she was kept at WestPark marina.

• The Emm’s sold Paris on 26-06-2008 to Graham Melsop who only had her for a short time (2 summers) & during his ownership kept her at the OBC Marina in Orakei.

• Melsop sold her to Roland Hughes c.2009/10 & she moved around a lot during Hughes ownership – Tamaki River > Pine Harbour > West Park > Bayswater. In fact she was a neibour to my Raindance at Bayswater when Hughes was living aboard & it was always pleasing to know someone was keeping a watchful eye on my baby.

• Hughes sold Paris to present owner, Andrew Smith in 2015 & after some time on the hard at Bayswater to correct some ‘deferred’ maintenance she was moved to her new home at the Stillwater (Wade River).

During our Christmas / NY cruise I spotted Paris on Man-o-War Bay at Waiheke Island & she was looking very smart.

The photos above of Paris on the hard at Gulf Harbour were taken by Ken Rickets & the 2006 photos below are from the Emm collection

Keen to learn details of her earlier history including design / builder.

PARIS - 2006

27-02-2016 Photos below ex previous owner Warwick Tankard  via Ken Ricketts (scanned from low quality copies)