Help Needed Identifying This Launch (Caesars Palace > Paris > Alena)

Help Needed Identifying This Launch – Caesars Palace > Paris > Alena

Can not read the name (something Palace?) and the tme seller doesn’t know the builder or year, but commented that mid 1960’s looks right. Also others have mentioned she has a certain ’Shipbuilders’ look to her. But all the aside, we know she is 34’. Made of strip planked kauri and powered by a Ford 90hp diesel that sees her cruising at 7 knots, with a max of 9 knots. Home berth is the Hibiscus Coast.
Can we expand on the above.

Also they would have to win the award for the most ‘off-the-wall’ question on the tme listing – see below 🙂

UPDATE – seems the boat has had multi name changes – thanks to Darrin Kennedy we now know she was called Paris and before that Alena and probably something else b4 that 🙂