Edelweiss – Sailing Sunday

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EDELWEISS – Sailing Sunday
Edelweiss was a triple skin kauri sloop designed and built at home by ‘Minkie’ Goodman – a foreman at Chas. Bailey and Son. She was built for, and sailed in, the 1956 Suva raced which was won by Tom Buchanan’s Wanderer. Edelweiss was 3rd. Her dimensions are LOA 33’, LOW 29’, Beam 8’6”, and a draught of 6’3”.
Under Goodman’s ownership she had no motor but when he sold it to Kay Perry she had a temperamental Ford 10 100E fitted. She had no head  at the time the late Sam Bestall bought her in 1963.
John Newsham, who sent in the details commented that he joined her in Aug 1963 aged 21 and sailed with Sam till 1971. John soon became senior hand and later relieving skipper as well. Bestall owned Edwlweiss for approx. 6 years. After a major refit she was sold to Tauranga and Bestall bought the 39’ ferro Stewart sloop Wendella from it’s builder Claude Spooner.    
During Bestall’s ownership he had a head fitted and later a Simpson Lawrence (UK) gas cooker with oven installed and a Volvo Penta MD2 diesel. 
John commented that they went away for a weekend cruise almost every weekend between Labour Day and Easter and often had a week at the Barrier in March and the Xmas cruises were ‘legendary’.
Sam later had the 40’ Choy Lee ketch Sarrie built in Taiwan and he sailed this with new his wife and her 3 children from Taiwan to the Red Sea and later from the UK to NZ via the Panama Canal.
(Photo credit – top photo ex Playdate magazine (Kerridge Odeon) and smaller photo ex Northland Gazette) 
Input fro Robin Elliott –Edelwiess was built/launched in 1956 by Guy Goodman as you know. She was originally registered as C-10 and took part in the 1956 Auckland to Suva Race

She was re-registered as F 21 in 1958 to Mrs K.E. Perry.
Subsequent owners were: N.S. Murch (Taupo) 1961+?; S.S. Bestall 1963/69+?; S.R. Clay (Te Puke) 1970?/71+? (Still Registered as Owner NZYF 1981); No registered owners after that date

She was issued with NZYF number 721 in 1969

Dims were
33’5″x27’2″x8’6″x6’1″ 290sqft 2.5ton 6cwt 1958
33.37’x28.88’x3/37’x5.26′ 264.6sqft Ford 10 1961

SS Aug 1963: Entered Onerahi YC’s Whangarei – Noumea Race.
SS Apr 1964: Entered for Onerahi YC’s Whangarei to Noumea race.
SS May 1970: Edelweiss has joined the Tauranga fleet.
SS Dec 1979: Once owned by Mike Morrish

RAYC: Wood Memorial 1959 (=windward); Moon Pearce Cup 1960; Amuri cup 1961

Harold has already posted that she was last heard of in Brisbane but from the look of the raw data on the Australian Maritime Safety authority, August 2020. She is now in Townsville.

A call to the Townsville Yacht Club or marina might bring forth the name of the current owner.

EDELWEISS 852328 10.16 1955 Yacht Townsville General Register

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