Erinor – A Peek Down Below

Erinor e

Erinor a

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ERINOR –  A Peek Down Below

Back in August 2014 Erinor made a brief appearance on WW, link below, lots of chat in the comments section.
What I can tell you is she was built by McGeady in 1953 for Gordon Collie and measures 33’6” x 10’8” x 3’6”. Powered by a Ford 120hp diesel.
In a previous life she was named – Lady Allyson.
Thanks to tme we get to have a peek down below.
Note To Self – Don’t Raft Alongside Trinidad – tends to lead to ‘short pants’ syndrome 🙂

Erinor (Lady Allyson)

ERINOR (formerly Lady Allyson)
Snapped this rather fine sedan top launch moored off the the wharf at Sand Spit this morning.
Anyone able to help with more details on Erinor?

Lots of activity happening up there with the new marina construction well underway.

Saw more dolphins today than I have in the last 2 years.

04-07-2017 Update from Dean Wright

Dean snapped the photo below of Erinor on a swing mooring in Opito Bay, B.O.I.. She had just appeared there & Dean was wondering if she had migrated north?