Erinor – A Peek Down Below

Erinor e

Erinor a

Erinor d

ERINOR –  A Peek Down Below

Back in August 2014 Erinor made a brief appearance on WW, link below, lots of chat in the comments section.
What I can tell you is she was built by McGeady in 1953 for Gordon Collie and measures 33’6” x 10’8” x 3’6”. Powered by a Ford 120hp diesel.
In a previous life she was named – Lady Allyson.
Thanks to tme we get to have a peek down below.
Note To Self – Don’t Raft Alongside Trinidad – tends to lead to ‘short pants’ syndrome 🙂

3 thoughts on “Erinor – A Peek Down Below

  1. Pretty sure for what it’s worth that the first motor was a Chrysler Crown changed over just before Dad brought her from White


  2. Erinor (Lady Allyson) was built in 1953, by Supreme Craft, (McGeady), at 1A Summer St Ponsonby, for Gordon Collie. Moored for a number of years in her early life, in Whakatakataka Bay.
    She was sold by him to John Augustus Richards, (John Richards Snr.), several years later, when Collie replaced her with the McGeady built Rangiora (the largest boat McG. ever built).
    Richards also had Erinor for a shortish time, replacing her with the Lady Ellen, named after his wife.
    Erinor has always been powered by Ford diesels, initially a 4 cyl. installed by Tracey Nelson when built, & later replaced twice with 6 cyl. versions, which she still has today.
    (edited by AH)


  3. OH for some old unmo;ested strong redeemable WORKBOATS ie MELODEON ..Does HAROLD know WHERE she or any biddable sisters may lurk ?? MOST too run down to begin at the bow + end at the strn WITH a GARDNER in the midship DICKO


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