RUSSELL , BAY OF ISLANDS – c. Late 1930 > Early 1940

RUSSELL , BAY OF ISLANDS – c. Late 1930 > Early 1940

During a spot of spring cleaning Gary Stanborough came across the photos above taken by his late father, Gordon Stanborough in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s when visiting Russell. The top photo shows the game boat Alma G II in her early days.

Of particular interest to Gary was the car ferry on the Russell foreshore and presumably the original Knoxie. A great look back at the area 80>90 years ago.

The photo below was sent in yesterday of a Flemming 55 on fire at Opua, be careful these holidays accidents happen so easily on a boat. In the 2nd photo (NZH) there is a woody on the left, all that smoke would not have been pleasant i.e. melting plastic 😦


knoxie old

The above photo of Knoxie shows her when Fullers in the Bay of Islands owned her. Ray Morey who commented that she got her name from her engine at the time, a 4 cylinder ‘Knox’, sent the photo to me. I understand they also made trucks in the 1920’s.
Harold Kidd has given Ray her history but along the way he has lost it, so hopefully Harold will repeat it for us 🙂

Input from Harold Kidd

KNOXIE was built by Brown & Dalton in Mt Eden in late 1911 and sold to R.J. Acheson, Stipendiary Magistrate at Russell, in June 1912. She was shipped north on a scow. Fullers bought her from Acheson and converted her to a workboat. That work was probably done by Leon Warne who is sometimes credited as her builder, Her engine was a Knox twin cylinder two stroke of nominal 15hp., hence her name. Fullers had installed an Ailsa Craig by 1933.
Knox built cars and trucks at Springfield Massachusetts until about 1924.