House Boat – A Peek Down Below

House Boat – A Peek Down Below

Mooching up the Tamaki River in early May, I spotted this house boat moored in the upper reaches of the Tamaki River. The top two photos are from then. Now thanks to tme, we get a peek down below.

Its 36′, made of ferro cement and started life as a Hartley yacht – that folks is all I’m going to say, I’ll only get myself in trouble 🙂

House Boat

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House Boat
photos by Jose Campos

Ok its not a classic but its very cool & given its a long weekend, a few of you will be away at the bach or better still afloat so I thought it would be a good time to post this floating home.
It is a modular design that lets you choose a cozy studio or a fully-furnished three-bedroom house, all of which float. Living in a cool, modern house would be pretty great, but imagine taking that house and placing it in the water so you can have your very own waterfront property with 360 degree views. The house boats come in a range of sizes from 10 to 18 meters (approx. 33 to 59 feet) with a set width of 6 meters (19.6 feet) Propulsion comes from two small outboard motors that give you the flexibility of moving it to a new place every day. It’s even built so that it can easily be stored in two standard containers and shipped to you anywhere in the world.
Simply charge the boat and your house is self-sufficient for at least seven days. It produces up to 80% of its own energy needs for the year. It was also designed with a reduced carbon footprint using materials and technologies that have little impact on the environment.The kitchen comes fully equipped for all your daily needs. The house is also outfitted with a heat pump and AC generator, and a barbecue on the upper deck.

Tomorrows ww post will feature another ‘house’ boat but this one was built in 1901 & has the impressive ‘Built by Logan Bros’ builders plate.

The Kiwi Version 🙂

photo ex Dean Wright of Bay of Island marine scientist, John Booth’s ‘Waka’ 😉