Emma J

During a recent chap with Ian Creevey concerning the big game fishing boat –  Cara Mia , Ian mentioned that he owned a 33’ Gladden bilge keel motor-sailer that here would love to uncover details of her past life.

The previous owner, 5years ago, believed she may have been done in Marlborough Sounds prior to when he had her in Whangarei. Emma J is powered by a 45hp Perkins.
Any woodys able to help Ian out with Emma J’s past?

Awa Iti

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 10.26.22 AM

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 10.26.40 AM


Awa Iti is a 26’ Gladden motor sailer that has been in one extended family for the past 40 years, but now it is time to pass on to someone who has the energy to keep this lovely old boat going. Her trademe listing says she’s a comfortable stable & safe boat that is easy to sail and handle. She draws under 3 ft and with her bilge keel she can sit on the mud flats upright. Its a classic Gladden which means for its length there is lots of room for a family to enjoy the inner gulf.  

This boat needs some TLC, but is currently sailable. Cabin top, varnish and hull painted and anti-foul done 2018.

 Powered with a “WaterMota Sea Wolf” petrol motor (based on Ford Escort motor) with a heat exchange unit Waterline length 7.1m 23.3ft – Beam widest point 2.775m 9.1ft  – Draft 863mm 2’10”. Currently moored at Northcote Point swing mooring. 

Currently the bidding sits at c$2000 & the reserve has been met so Awa Iti could be a very good buy for someone entering the classic woody movement 🙂


Diablo- Auckland’s next waterfront apartment



DIABLO – Auckland’s next waterfront apartment

With the average Auckland house price around $1 million the above 41′ Gladden designed/built trawler style launch would be an extremely affordable alternative. Sure with the 1978 build date its not a classic but with her d/d kauri (glassed) hull, its a woody a heart. Powered by a 120hp diesel, 6 berths & extremely well fitted out + all the fruit you would expect on a Marlbourough Sounds boat e.g. a heater. She is for sale on trademe, asking price $165,000 but in today’s market – who knows?
So woodys – sell the villa, buy a beach house somewhere & use Diablo as your Auckland base.