Todays WW story is short and sweet – spent most of yesterday driving back from up north, the road works are so bad – the Brynderwyn Hills were reduced to single lane, so traffic was backed up for miles, and each ‘pass’ took 20+ minutes. And that was just one of numerous minor projects that looked like they had been turned into major projects given the number of orange cones 🙂 

Above we have a photo of a launch named Tassie that was sent in by Mike Mulligan and comes from the family collection. The photos tagged ‘H.M.S. Tassie – Mr & Mrs Gilmore & tart at the back’, one can only assume the ’T’ was well known to the photographer, hopefully or else a strong legal letter might be coming my way 🙂

Do we know anything about Tassie?

Input from Nathan Herbert – Certainly a Coulthard. Coulthard’s daughter told me a story about an issue of non-payment involving Tassie or Tassie II in which he refused to let the boat leave at the railway/wharf(was she being shipped down country?) until accounts had been settled.Photo below ex Rosemary Robinson’s grandfather Coulthard collection.