Clinker Cabin Boat


Clinker Cabin Boat

Keiran McCarten sent me the above photos of his 1938, 18′, kauri clinker cabin boat. It is in my eyes rather special, primarily because she is almost perfect in terms of proportion, not can easy thing to get right in an 18′ boat with a cabin.

If you were looking for a nice day boat or a lake boat, at $10k ono, including a galv. trailer its a great buy. If the sellers claim that its a Jack Logan built boat is genuine its even more of a steal (the boat has a Jack Logan builders plate).

She is currently powered by a 16hp Shubarra diesel. Her owner has the original Norman Marine motor & running gear so an enthusiast could easily refit this & return her to ‘as-original’ condition.

A bonus today – check out the July/August edition of the USA on-line magazine ‘Classic Yacht’ – link below.
The article on ‘Nero’ the spirit of tradition ‘super’ motor yacht built in China – at 300′ she is very impressive (pages 54>65).
The sobering article on Boating Accidents & Death (pages 30>31) shows some interesting stats – while boating accident related deaths has remained almost static between 1997 & 2014 – there has been a marked decrease in accidents & injuries.