JEANETTE C23 – Updated Story


Start of a cruise down the gulf. Barbara, Dick’s elder daughter at the tiller.


Jeanette cruising. Ngataringa coming up astern. Takapuna shore in background.


Wet decks from stiff westerly. Running close during race to Islington Bay. Dinghy lashed on deck for more speed. Rangitoto on port bow.


(This picture dated 28 January 1961, so must have been sent to Bob when he’d returned to the UK. ) Jeanette at the start of the Trans Tasman Race. Bob. Bill Patterson at tiller. Bob Watham in the cockpit. Harry Pope up forward.

JEANETTE C23 – Updated Story
Back in June 2019 I did a story on the 1933, Ted Le Huquet built yacht Jeanette, WW link below, this prompted Drew Glasgow to send in the photos above taken in the early 1950’s by his late father Bob Glasgow, who often sailed in her, together with Dick and Barbara Bakewell, who bought the yacht off Ted Le Huquet.
According to Bob’s description, written on the back of one photograph, she was a 34′ marconi-rigged cutter.
I have captioned each photo with text supplied by Drew from the back of the photos, penned by his father.
Question of the day – any one able to tell us how the above yacht ended up in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA? Is it a Kiwi boat or just been named by a Kiwi?
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Jeanette – C23 Sailing Sunday


Jeanette C23 – Sailing Sunday 

Todays photo comes to us from Mike McGehan and is of (to me) an unnamed yacht with the sail number C23. I suspect from other others sent to me by Mike, this photo could be dated in the late 1940’s.

Can one of the sailing Woodys ID the boat for us?
Sorry – short and sweet today, woke up at 2.30am and realised I had not done a story………….
Harold Kidd Input
Ted Le Huquet built her for himself in 1933. Dick Bakewell bought her and took her on the 1961 TransTasman race. Ted got Parkinsons later in life. I used to see him walk slowly down Church Street, row alone out to JEANETTE at her moorings in Torpedo Bay, set the tiller, painfully make his way forward, hoist the staysail, drop the mooring and sail out of the bay without any fuss, hoisting the mainsail and then the jib on the way.
What a seaman!
24-06 HDK – Dick Bakewell sold JEANETTE to Evan Berghan in 1974. Berghan did a circumnavigation with her from April 1981. He finished up in Canada but I’m not sure if JEANETTE survives there.