The above photo ex Lew Redwood’s FB page shows the 40’ launch Beth arriving in Auckland (on the steamer Kartigi) from South Australia. The date was April 1930. She was owned by T. H. Webb, a former resident of Adelaide, who had moved to Auckland.

I seem to recall comments on the boat, elsewhere on WW but I can’t find it – so woodys remind me.

Harold Kidd Input & photo below ex paperspast

BETH was built by R.T. Searles in Australia (Adelaide?). She was a raised deck motor-sailer with dimensions 40’6″ x 38′ x 10’6″ x 5’6″ , 9.8 tons and fitted with a 28-30hp Ailsa Craig. T.H. Webb of Northcote owned her. He had her shipped to Auckland on the KARTIGI, arriving in March 1931.
For whatever reason he decided to return to Adelaide in September 1932 and decided to sail her back. It was not a nice trip.