Arahi – Update

ARAHI – Update

The 34’ ex workboat Arahi last appeared on WW back in May 2020, link below. Now thanks to tme we get to have a better look at her. Arahi started life in 1940 as a survey boat for the Auckland Harbour Board,finishes up c.mid 1970’s. We know she spent time at Great Barrier Island. After a refit in Auckland she was transported to the Wanganui River in 2019, where she still resides but is looking for a new owner.

A very sweet wee ship and topped off with a 4 cylinder Gardner (4LW) diesel engine, that sips approx. 4L an hour.
There must be a buyer out there for such a salty classic vessel.

Link to 2020 WW story.

Heading north today on a delivery – to Russell, hopefully I’ll snap a few photos on-route.






Today’s woody is the launch – Arahi, she made a brief appearance on WW back in December 2015, when Pam Cundy spotted Arahi moored in Tryphena Harbour at Great Barrier Island (photo below).
At the time there was considerable chat re her provenance but it was pretty well agreed that Arahi is an ex Auckland Harbour Board (AHB) survey hydrographic work boat, that finished with the AHB in the mid 1970’s.
On a recent dog walk around Westhaven Marina, I spotted Arahi on a marina berth, looking very smart.
Would love to hear what happened to her post her AHB days and learn more about what appears to be a recent restoration.
Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 3.46.04 PM
Input from Cameron Pollard – Owned by Merv Young, powered by a Gardner 4LW.
3 photos below – Leaving barrier, then getting a helping hand home courtesy of mv Felicitare – in the shed getting a makeover.


photo ex Pam Cundy

The above photo shows Arahi moored in Tryphena Harbour at Great Barrier Island. Looking at her there are some seriously old bones there, so she must have a past that some of the woodys know about?

Almost forgot to wish you all a happy New Year & if you are out on the water – be careful, booze & boats are not always good partners 😉