photo ex Pam Cundy

The above photo shows Arahi moored in Tryphena Harbour at Great Barrier Island. Looking at her there are some seriously old bones there, so she must have a past that some of the woodys know about?

Almost forgot to wish you all a happy New Year & if you are out on the water – be careful, booze & boats are not always good partners 😉



8 thoughts on “Arahi

  1. ARAHI means “leader” in Maori so it’s relatively common for yachts and launches. H.W. Martin had one in the 1920s, E.L. Sibun had one in the 1970s plus a number of racing centreboarders etc and we have this AHB hydrographic survey boat, obviously an old work boat from a much earlier period again. I would like to see the ref in Fildes’ book but am willing to wager that it’s nothing to do with the boat pictured above.


  2. I agree, I know an ARAHI, & she doesn’t look anything like that & is more in the time frame of post WWII — it’s a name that would attract a number of them I would think. — KEN R


  3. She certainly doesn’t look like 1942, more like 1912. Could she be one of the FRISBEEs, the one built at Weymouth on the Manukau by “A. McLeod” in 1914, later on the Waikato. Bit of a long shot. Maybe one of the Helensville McLeods?


  4. My father worked on it when it was a survey boat for the AHB. I have fond memories of being on her as a kid. The skipper and crew didn’t just use it for surveying. They dived and fished around the Gulf. I was forever being made to go around the neighbourhood giving away fish as Dad would come back with so many every day. Good sea boat.


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