A Merry Woody Christmas

A Merry Woody Christmas
Well woodys its been a crazy year, but looking around the world, at the moment there isn’t anyway else I would want to be. I’d encourage you this holiday period to get out there and enjoy the slice of paradise we all live in. I know a lot of businesses and individuals have and still are suffering due to CV-19, so get out there and support your local businesses. 

On a personal front it’s been a huge year for waitematawoodys, the enforced lock-downs saw viewing numbers more than double and 1,000’s of new readers world wide logging in – most enjoyed what they saw and have decided to hang around. We like that 🙂

Best line of the year “If you aren’t compelled to look back at your boat when you row ashore, then perhaps you should find another, unless you value practicality over aesthetics, and that would be a hard decision.”

Happiest moment – “Dad can I borrow the boat this weekend” (photo below)

I wish you all a merry Christmas and Happy New Year + safe boating. Cheers alan houghton 

Ps I will attempt to keep the posts up – but do not get too upset if life gets in the way and I miss a day, there is always tomorrow.
Pps If you see anything woody related over the holiday period, take a photo and send it to   waitematawoodys@gmail.com  I’m always looking for content.


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Hello to all the waitematawoodys readers – merry christmas and best wishes for the holidays. Where ever you are in the world I hope you are taking the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family.
To me Christmas is not a date, it is a state mind – that hopefully lasts 2 > 3 weeks. People generally are nicer to each other, more considerate and forgiving. I’m a giver, always have been, I love the whole process of choosing gifts for people and almost always get it right, except when I bought the wife a lifejacket (there were other items) one year.
I’m a fan of trying to live my everyday life in an amusing, enjoyable way – that way you do not need to look forward to holidays to escape everyday life – life is a holiday, easily said but it works for me. The Pooh Bear cartoon below from A.A. Milne portrays it perfectly.
Enjoy the break, safe travels 🙂
Ps I’ll try to keep the WW stories flowing but forgive me if I miss a day, life might just get in the way 😉
Pooh Bear copy
My photo of 2019 below (so far, years not over yet) – says everything about woody life – a happy bloke and his boat