A Woody On Tour




A Woody On Tour

Woody Rick McCay & partner Roz have just returned from a jaunt around Europe, during which Rick took the above photos. Some very impressive woodys on show but I would expect nothing less from Rick, he has a very impressive collection of classic wheels & keels, one being the 1920 MT Lane, classic launch Luana.

The photo collection includes some wooden work boats in Syracuse, taxi and hire boats in Venice, Rick commented that some of which have more than a passing likeness to Tony Mason’s clippers. Rick even thought he had found a classic motorbike (below) but on closer inspection that famous Italian maker, Kawasaki, made it 🙂

Roz & Rick made a visit to Circolo della vela Sicilia, the America’s Cup challenger of record, set on a point at a beautiful beach at Mondello, near Palermo. Rick announced they were from Nuova Zelanda and just called in to say Hi. How impertinent of Rick, this guy goes purple in the face and shouts Privato! Privato!, which is pronounced Pi** Off. We are fortunate in this country with our freedoms, imagine the drama if they had tried to sit on their private beach 🙂