Osmond + Woody Quiz

ORMOND – Where Is She

I was recently contacted by Christopher Butler looking for information on the launch – Ormond. He uncovered the above photo in his uncles collection of precious things his grandad, Desmond Butler left behind.Desmond Butler was a shipwright for the Navy based in Devonport and had a strong relationship with the naval sailing club formerly at Torpedo Bay. Christopher commented that for him to have kept this old photo the boat must have meant a lot to him. 

Christopher has set himself a mission to track down the Ormond which in the photo looks like it is on the Hokianga. It could be Christopher’s great grandfather at the wheel. Even if the boat is a no longer sea worthy,  it would be great to track her down what became of her.

Input from Harold Kidd – ORMOND was entered in the 1908 Auckland Anniversary Regatta in the Launches Allcomers over 7 knots race on 54m handicap. She did not start for some reason. Certainly she must have been built in Auckland and launched in late December 1907 or January 1908. Maybe she wasn’t finished in time to start the race? I have checked through the many unnamed launches built in that time span and can’t pick her out. Her “torpedo”/ “cruiser”/”compromise” stern was cool at the time. Any Auckland builder could have produced her. Her disappearance from the record in Auckland is consistent with shipment to the Hokianga. Records of launches on that harbour are very sketchy.

Input from Dave Stanaways – photo below of a similar vessel on the Hokianga

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Q: How many launches did Des Townson design?