Ngawini – R.I.P.


The 1924 Lanes built launch Ngawini first popped up on WW back in March 2014 via tme listing, at the time I commented that she appeared to be aloof boat for the asking price ($20k).

Fast forward to January 2016 when Rod Marler spotted her anchored in Tryphena, Great Barrier Island. Link to those references

Fast forward again and I spotted Ngawini in May 2017 hauled onboard a salvage barge off Bayswater Marina. She appeared to have suffered significant damage to bow and underwater areas and had either sunk or partially sunk. The vessel was taken to the Waitakere Transfer Station (dump) and offered up as parts. Refer WW story below

Fast forward again and Jason Prew spotted Ngawini ‘repurposed’ as a land based hut at Te Arai, near Mangawhai. In the absence of a white knight stepping in to save her, this has to better than going into the land fill. She is in good company – scroll down to yesterdays story to see Ngawini’s flat mates.






Ngawini 4

Ngawini 6

Ngawini 5


I headed out on Sunday afternoon for a few hours to give Raindance’s batteries a charge & when coming back into Bayswater I spotted what appeared to be classic wooden launch on the Mercury Mover barge. Closer inspection revealed a 26>28′ straight stem tram topper.

The name Ngawini was on her side & she had quite significant damage to her bow & underwater bow area. Looked as if she had ran into some submerged item. Aside from the damage she appears to be very original. Hopefully insured & repairable.

Any woodys know more about her past & what happened to her?

UPDATE – she has been on ww before – see below & also link to more details.

UPDATE 2 + photos

“Aaron here from The Recycle Shop at the Waitakere Transfer station. Hey we’ve seen the photos of the lovely boat Ngawini on your site. We’ve got the boat sitting here on our yard and wondered if you might be able to help us find it a new home?

We’ve had a couple of people offer advice on what some of the fittings are worth and we’d like to offer the whole boat for $2000 if the buyer takes it away, or $2300 if they want to strip parts and leave the rest here (leaving us to pay approx $300 to dump it).”

 08-06-2017 UPDATE

I have been contacted by Aaron at the Waitakere Refuse & Recycling Centre & told that they have listed Ngawini on trademe (link below) as a ‘parts’ listing. Bidding is set to start at $1,200, it will be interesting, some cool pieces but what the market is prepared to pay is any ones guess.



The listing on trademe says this 27’9″ kauri launch was built in 1924 by Lanes.Powered by a new 40h.p. Isuzu diesel.
She has the potential to be a a very nice classic – I love the out riggers 🙂

Keen to know more about her, at her asking prize of $20k, it appears to be a lot of boat.

05-01-2016 Updated photos of Ngawini moored at Tryphena ex Rod Marler