Over the long weekend Jason Prew was crisscrossing the middle of the north side burning up fossil fuel, one of the rest stops was the Motuoapa Marina at Lake Taupo. While stretching his legs Jason spotted the launch – Waima, docked at the marina.

A quick WW search reveals no mention of her, so hopefully one of the Drake Bros. will chip in with some details 🙂

INPUT EX PAUL DRAKE WAIMA arrived at Taupo more than 60 years ago in the 1950’s, when she was called WAIMEA and owned by Lloyd Cotton. She is said to have been built by Lanes, maybe in the 1930’s? All planking is full length (kauri) and she is 28′ by 8′ 6″. She had a Chrysler Crown back in the day. She has had a succession of owners over the years but has remained a Taupo boat. She has a lovely powerful hull and deserves a decent top hamper. Present owner unknown, but WAIMA has been neglected in recent times. No doubt her time will come again.

Photo below c.1988 shows her more or less as built – back as far as the dodger anyway.

MORE INPUT from Paul Drake – WAIMA below – perhaps 8 years ago and in great condition.