Mem Sahib – Seacraft Runabout


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Mem Sahib is a 1965 16’ Seacraft Runabout that thanks to owner Dan Kamphuis has been restored to better than new condition, so good in fact that she was an exhibition at the 2011 Auckland Boat Show. The restoration started in 2009 and took 16 months, post the work – Lionel Sands from ‘Seacraft-Hanes Hunter’ viewed the boat and said it is one of the best restorations he has seen in a long time.

In addition to the physical (wood) side of the project, she received new electrics and bilge pump. The zoom, zoom comes from a Mercury 2006 60hp motor that must really push the 16’ hull along.

Dan knows a little about her past and was able to track down the owners before him and these people (EJ & KV Ralph) restored the boat in 1988. They said that they purchased the boat from a Canadian chap in Takapuna and the boat had been sunk on the ramp at Takapuna beach as they had left the bungs out. The wife was holding the rope to the boat while her husband was getting the car and did not realise the boat was sinking! It sat at their place for 18 months before Keith Ralph and his dad bought it. They restored it and sold it to their uncle Frank Mudrovich who left it standing covered outside for years. It was given to his nephew Ivan and Dan in 2008 and put under cover for a restoration project. However Ivan left it to Dan due to other commitments and Dan started the restoration in 2009 and as mentioned above, put it into the Auckland Boat show in 2011.

Talking to Dan, he is a one of those people that always has a project on the go and has the skills to undertake restoration projects like Mem Sahib. I fact post completing the project she has been used very little, but regularly serviced & run.

Now Dan has a problem, the next project is about to arrive & he needs shed space so Mem Sahib must go. So if any woodys out there are looking for a small classic that due to its size & presentation (small amount of varnish) is very easily maintained, Mem Sahib is a great buy at $20k ono. Comes with a trailer that is all registered and WOF and the motor was serviced recently by a Mercury dealer.

Would be a very smart, practical lake boat………….

I don’t normally publish owner details but I like this boat & she deserves a woody owner so if your interested or know someone who might be, contact Dan at