The Boats Of Neville Robinson

The Boats Of Neville Robinson

Late August we ran a story on Neville Robinson Boats (link below) – his daughter Marie Breden came onto the WW site and …. Today thanks to Marie’s generosity we get to see a gallery of the boats that Neville whether built or altered (Marie’s words). The 6 she recalls are – I’ll let Marie tell the story:

My first memory of Dad’s boat building was when he built a speedboat in our garage. He named it Cee Bee II and was very successful in his racing days.The first boat Dad built was “Marco Polo”, built in our backyard for some local fishermen. Next was Music, built from scratch, as a family we spent many hours in the boat shed building her. Unfortunately she caught fire and burnt to the waterline. Dad managed to get his hands on some of the burnt timber and made a scale model incorporating the timber into the finished piece. After Music, and I think I’ve got the order correct, was Harmony, Souza, Largo and finally Coda. Jim Carey, previously from Picton, built the hull for Harmony and it was sailed across and finished in Wellington by Dad, and possibly another but I can’t remember sorry. Coda was purchased in Picton, the wheelhouse was removed and rebuilt by Dad, giving it his look and practicality.

Link to August story below – includes wonderful input from Paul Drake and Marie (as above)

Friday and Saturday on WW we will have a more detailed look at the launches- Coda and Music.