Over Loading – Never



Over Loading  – Never

The two photos above were sent in by Janet Watkins & come from her collection of her family photos.

As Janet commented – “Over loading? Never!” the health & safety Nazis would have kittens if they saw something like this. The closet I have seen is Mark Edmonds with his launch Monterey on a trip the Riverhead Hotel…………….

I understand from Janet that Lupe was owned by Willie Jackson of Whangarei – & the photo is C.1900!  One life belt – how many do you need!

Willie Jackson ran several passenger boats over about 30 years. One being the yacht Hinemoa & later came Lady Eva – She also has one life belt & then Rose

Harold Kidd Input – LUPE was built by James Clare in Auckland for himself but was sold to Whangarei where she was owned by Skip Patterson from c1900 until he had LADY EVA built. Initially he used her for fishing and towing with an auxiliary. By 1904 he had taken her rig out and converted her to an oil launch licensed to carry 30 passengers on excursions. W Mallendine bought her in 1920 and owned her until the 1930s so I suppose Willie Jackson may have owned her say 1913-20.




Lady Eva

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 5.27.20 AM

or the continuing saga of ODIN / OVODIN

In yesterdays post there was considerable debate around the name of the stranded motor boat. Woody, Baden Pascoe strongly debated the case that the vessel was Odin. He commented
“It is easy to see many features of Odin that mirror those of Lady Eva (both built at Whangarei) e.g. side deck rails, shear chocks, towing hook mast mounted, wheel house. Why would you not copy the greatest towing launch of her time? I would. When Lady Eva was launched in 1913, she was the talk of New Zealand, she had a modern 120 English diesel of 120 h.p and many good features of towing launches of the time. The towing hook mounted on the missen mast was what they did in those days, but having a towing point so high is a lethal thing – great way to “gurt” a tug (tow comes along side, pulls and over goes the tug).”

In the above photo we see a scale model of the Lady Eva, built by the hands of master craftsman Bruce Tantrum (love the calendar in the background Bruce 😉 )- to view more of Bruce’s work here https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/03/27/bruce-tantrum-artisan-model-boatbuilder/  and here  http://www.btmodelboats.com/
For comparison I have included below (again) a Odin/Ovodin photo. What do we think woodys? , scroll down to yesterdays posts, read the comments & tell us your thoughts.