Merita – 6 Years Older


The 1965, Jim (James) Dymock built 38’ launch – Merita, last appeared on WW in June 2016 when Murray Morrissey sent in a great collection of photos from her her launch day at Milford, Auckland. I understand that Brin Wilson had a hand in designing the cabin top. Link here to that story

Prior to the above story, thanks to Pamela Cundy, Brian Worthington & Ken Ricketts we got to see more photos of the boat in the 2013>2015 period. Link below

Lots of photos & intel at those two links – read the comments as well.

Fast forward 6 years and Jason Prew spotted Merita berthed at Gulf Harbour, looking very smart. Somewhere along the way she has ‘lost’ her mast, but in my view looks better for it.

Merita – Launch Day






MERITA – Launch Day
photo & details ex Murray Morrissey

Merita has featured in detail on ww before (blue link below to view the story) but when Murray sent me the above collection of photos from when she was built & launched back in 1965 they were just too good to add to the existing post. One photo shows her being towed through the Milford shops on-route to her launch off Milford Beach.
While there is some conflicting/confusing info on the original ww post, what I came tell you is that Murray has confirmed that Merita was built by his father in law – James (Jim) Dymock of Takapuna in his brothers (Bill Dymock) building yard behind the Waitemata Power Board in Taharoto Rd. The family are unsure of the hull design but the cabin top was designed by Brin Wilson. She was launched in 1965 in the Milford Creek where she spend her early days.

LINK >>>>

Special thanks to Russell Ward for scanning the original photos.