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During the week I was contacted by Stuart Windross in regard to the mullet boat Vagrant, built in the early 1920’s by his grandfather Jack Greenhalgh. I’ll let Stuart tell that story below. 
Then out of the blue while I’m on fb & up pops on the Whangateau Traditional Boat yard page the pictorial of Vagrant being salvaged after sinking at her moorings in Okahu Bay 3 weeks ago. Vagrant was raised and barged ashore on Tuesday, then brought up road by Boat Haulage arriving at the WTB yard on Wednesday. 
I understand that Vagrant  was saved from the crusher by Dino Herbisone, who will carry out her repairs at the WTB yard. 
It would be amiss of me to not mention the wonderful contribution to our wooden boating community the Pam Cundy & George Emtage offer up at the WTB yard. I do not think the word NO is in their vocabulary, they so generously offer up the yard to help stop the demise of heritage craft and then pair the boats up to capable tradesman or people that can repair them if need be or indeed use and enjoy them. The yard can be contacted via email at 
“Further to the discussion regarding the builder of the mullet boat Vagrant I have followed up my post confirming it was built by my grandfather Jack Greenhalgh with a delve in the family photos. 
Attached please find photos of Vagrant  N17 under construction and one of her sailing close to the camera in light winds bow on.  These are verified as they have her name inscribed on the back.
The other pics below, are of what I believe to be an 18 footer named Vim that my Pop John (Jack Greenhalgh) also built prior to Vagrant.  From one of the photos it is pretty clear that her number is V34.  I wonder if you have any info about her fate as she seems absent from online records and the literature.
John (Jack) Greenhalgh was born 20 June 1901 at Riverhead and died 13 July 1984 at Waitakere Hospital.  He was the middle child of 11 born to Edward Walls Greenhalgh and Helen Ramsay (nee Paterson).  His grandfather John William Greenhalgh, originally a coalminer from Wigan UK arrived in NZ in 1886 to oversee the establishment of paper mills at both Mataura and Riverhead.  His father Edward Walls Greenhalgh also worked in the paper mills both at Riverhead and Mataura later living in Richmond Road Auckland.   At the time of building Vagrant he would have been 24 and obviously younger when he built Vim.  He kept the scale half models of their hull shapes (shaped from Kauri) throughout his life.  My Auntie may know of their whereabouts. I believe that both of these boats were built in the back yard of his parents home at Richmond Road.  As you will see the set up was fairly basic!   
Albert Greenhalgh (Alby Jack’s brother) was born in 1906 and I understand was a sailing partner.  The two brothers were very close, marrying sisters (Doreen) Vera and (Florence) Rita Lee.   Alby and Rita’s son Keith is still active in the Reactor sailing fraternity and daughter Beverley’s husband Jaape Pos was a boat builder (at Sea Nymph I think).  Another cousin was Roy Parris (the well known launch builder).
Jack and Vera married in November 1926 and soon purchased a new home in Kingsley St.  This transaction probably necessitated the sale of Vagrant. A later craft (a dinghy I believe the kids used for fishing trips and floundering in Coxs Bay) was built in the front room of the marital home much to the displeasure of his new wife.
A mischievous and witty character he was always ready to enthrall us with a prank or yarn.  I recall his stories of searching shoreline pohutakawa for suitable bends for stems or knees and cutting the corners off square balks of timber to fashion his masts.  He was a very patient worker in wood or metal.
I have included a photo of Jack and Vera Greenhalgh(with my Mum) c1938
I am not 100% sure if all the fleet shots are of Vim but the colour scheme suggests so (unless Vagrant’s cabin sides were painted darker at some stage).
Apologies for the picture quality as the originals are very small and showing their age”.
N17 Vagrant under construction c1924 (inscribed)

N17 Vagrant under construction c1924

N17 Vagrant 1920s (inscribed)

N17 Vagrant 1920s

Vera, Jack and daughter Shirley Greenhalgh

Vera, Jack and daughter Shirley Greenhalgh

Vagrant – Sailing Sunday

VAGRANT – Sailing Sunday
photos from Duncan Elliot, details from Harold Kidd & Robin Elliott. (edited by Alan H)

I was contacted recently by Duncan advising that he had purchased Vagrant off trademe last year & was looking for details on her history.
She had sunk due to a 100mm x 60mm hole in the transom below the bolt on the drop keel box . When Duncan started the repair he a little surprised to find that someone had filled the area with  epoxy from a tube and no fibre. Subsequently this failed & popped out resulting in the trip to Davey Jones locker. Duncan did a temporary repair on the hole
& later cut out the old hole and scarfed a piece in and built a box around the existing box as this was too short i.e. does not go all the way down to the keel and deadwood.
Vagrant she is now back in the water and drawing about 5 litres a water a day. Duncan intends to take her out in a couple of months to do a total re-fit, doing the work myself as he is joiner by trade.

I contacted Harold Kidd & Robin Elliott and asked if they could provide some details on Vagrant for Duncan & true to form, they delivered 🙂
VAGRANT was built by Jack Greenhalgh in 1924 according to MBQ (pretty unreliable). My first hit on the boat is a shade before the 1926 AAR (which was certainly her first race).
She’s in the  list of N’s in NZA of 18/11/25 (as N7).
My guess is built by John/Jack Greenhalgh of Richmond Rd about late 1925 and owned probably with his brother Albert.

I first trip over Vagrant registered as N-7  in the 1926 Anniversary Regatta.
Owners details:
• A. Greenhalgh 1925?/26+?; P. Churton 1932/+?
• On Manukau 1928, registered as number`19′ with Manukau Y & MB Club
• Pennant? 6/10/32: Purchased by Churton who intends to use her for cruising only.
• Re-appears post-war registered as N-17 c1945
• Owner Cyril Hill early 40’s? E.L. (Ernie) Beaver 1945+? D.A.K. Taylor 1949+?; Dick Still 1962?; D.J. Mason 1964/65+?
• Dimensions 1949: 20’x 20’x 9’x 2’10”, 330 sqft gaff rigged, 1ton ballast
• Listed as ‘Unregistered’ 1970
• 1990 on beach, North Harbour Kawau.?
There is one photo of her in the Auckland Museum Bond Collection, negative number PH-NEG-C37485 dated 1st February 1947.

Robin helped paint her in 1963 when Dick Still owned her and she was still in gaff at that stage (Or was she?). Dick Still lives in Pakuranga and may have some photos of her from that time.  If anyone knows Dick, give him a nudge re any photos 09-5348158

LOOK OUT for Mondays post  – its on the Lake Rotoiti (Sth Island) antique & classic wooden boat festival, lots of cool boats 😉