The photos above of Clansman we sent in by Ed Higgins of her launch day at Half Moon Bay marina. Ed commented that Clansman was designed and built by Morrie Walker at Bucklands Beach. Modeled on the wheelhouse and cabin design of – Highlander. Morrie a qualified boat builder, who served his time with Percy Vos.

Constructed of laminated marine ply on kauri frames. Powered by a rebuilt 6LXB Gardiner engine, with 2 to 1 reduction gearbox.

Poor health forced the sale to a buyer in Tauranga. 
Tragically Clansman some time later, caught fire and sank off Little Barrier Island, and was a total loss. A sad end for what was a beautifully designed and built vessel.Interesting to note the fuel prices on the Mobil sign. Can anyone tell us the launch date?

You Don’t Normally See Boat ‘Stuff’ 4sale On WW – But I Do Most Things James Mobberley Asks Me 🙂 Two Engines 4sale.

ENGINE ONE – Mazda S2 – 60hp + GearboxThe engine below is new but 30 years old, has been running. James commented that these Mazda diesels were fairly common in the 1980s > 1990s.The seller is asking ‘around’ $2k – a cheap set-up . Email  if interested.

ENGINE TWO  – Volvo MD 1B – 8>10hpThe engine was rebuilt several years ago by a ships engineer. Ideal for a 16’>20’ open clinkerAsking $1500 cash. Call Peter Le Gross 0274925254



Back in May while mooching around the upper Tamaki River, one of the woodys I spotted was Highlander – the 49’ Roger Carey designed boat. She has a 13’6” beam and draws 5’6”.Highlander featured on WW back in October 2019, link here

The boat has an interesting history, starting life as a ‘home’ build then semi abandoned for 20+ years on a farm in Blenheim. Back in 1984 she was saved by Don Galbraith who along with Peter McManaway gathered all the bits , designed a wheelhouse and finished the boat off. They then brought her up to Auckland. Details on the passage in the above link.

In the above photo photo not sure if she is dockside for some work or whether that is her permanent home – can any one enlighten us? And maybe some more details on her.

Classic Yacht Association AGM – ATTENTION – Launch Members

A call out to all CYA launch owners – we (the launchies) need more say on the general committee, so how about putting your hand up to join the committee – for details on whats involved and required – email the launch captain Jason Prew






I have been having ongoing chat with Bay of Islands woody and photographer Dean Wright, he is about to undertake a build / installation of a new wheelhouse for his almost 100 year old (99) 33’ Bob Brown built ex gaff rigged cutter – Arethusa, these days presented in work-boat / launch style.  The wheelhouse will be made from Iroko and the big question is yellow or red Uroxsys (Allwood) primer.
Dean sent me a sample of the timber and I have done a 1/2 and 1/2 varnishing job – the result? Not much between it, slight golden tinge to the yellow section. I think the natural colour of the Iroko is just so strong that the primer tint makes little difference.
I have attached at the bottom of the story a photo comparison of the existing wheel house and the plan for the new one – very smart.
Anyone back to todays story – Dean email me mid-week and said “check out what’s parked in our bay tonight” and sent the above photos of the 49’ Highlander. Designed by Roger Carey but not built by Careys. Wheelhouse designed by Don and Peter McManaway.
Dean mentioned Highlander was featured (page 127) in the 1988 book ‘By Boats We Live”, written by Joan Clark. The book records the history of the boats built by Roger Carey. I have reproduced the page below, have a read – its very good
Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 10.46.30 AM
Arethusa – New Wheelhouse