Fox II

Fox II


Barbara Cooke sent me the above photo of Fox II from Akaroa. That folks is all I know about her.

Anyone able to join the dots re her past?

Input from Iain Forsyth – I use to own the Fox ‘ll and converted her from a fishing trawler to staff rig ketch that she is today.
Built in Auckland 1922 by Gouk and launched with the name Iris Eileen name change by Author the Fox.
As no one could pronounce his name.
Had the first K3 Kelvin installed.

Harold Kidd Input – FOX II was built by Charlie Gouk at Auckland in 1902. In the late 30s she was seine netting out of Auckland as AK 44 and had a 66hp Gardner. This was later replaced with a K3 Kelvin (60s). Owners I have are A. Policandriotis (1937-41) M Vela & M Nola (1941) Peter Ker (1972-92).