A wee bit of a mystery boat today, the above photo of Almana was sent in by Gwenyth Herbert via Nathan Herbert.

Very keen to learn who designed/ built her & where she is today? Extra points if you can name the other launch 😉

Input from Harold Kidd – She was built in 1940 by Cliff Roberts and Alder (don’t know which Alder). According to AYMBA records subsequent owners included P.H. Power, J K Robson, J H Buchanan, R M & G W Best (who thought she was built by Sam Ford), D Farmer and A C Hailey. There is a possibility there were either two ALMANAs or some of these owners didn’t notify AYMBA of change of ownership.
In 2013 she was for sale with a 1972 Perkins 65hp diesel.

Update 16-05-2019 photo below of Almana moored in the Whau River just past Te Atatu Boating Club. (photo ex Jason Prew, via Nathan Herbert)


And as a bonus today – some sailing porn – the photo below of the S&S Dorade was sent in by David Glen, taken at Hamilton Island Yacht Week. Dorade was recently voted by the UK ‘Classic Boat’ magazine as one of the 10 restorations that changed the world i.e. created movements & changed lives.

David commented on the photo “Great pic of the legendary one in anger”.


03-06-2019 Input from Nathan Herbert & photos ex Jason Prew – Shes now attached to what I think is a Harbourmaster mooring at Northcote point. Somebody needs to save her.



22-08-2019 Update. Steve Cranch sent in the photos below, sadly it looks like Almana is greater closer and closer to the land fill…………… 😦