Dione – But Which One

We are going to need so serious input today re the above launch – in the past on WW there has been a lot of chat around the number of launches named – Dione and their provenance. Today’s Dione is ex a recent Lew Redwood fb post and Lew competed that ‘she was the 1933 Allely’s launch in Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island’.

Now this is where it gets confusing – previously (June 2018) Lew posted a photo of the launch below and commented it was ‘the Alley family launch, Dione, at anchor at Matiatia, Waiheke Island’. At the time Harold Kidd commented as below (after photo)

On the recent photo fb post HDK comments that he doesn’t think neither of them are named Dione. Now woodys you can see why a simple country boy like me is a tad confused.Anyone brave enough to add their input ? 🙂


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The above photo (ex Lew Redwood fb) shows, nearest camera & centre, the Alley family launch Dione, at anchor at Matiatia, Waiheke Island. The caption says that the man is sitting on the partly exposed hulk of the M A Doran. 

You can read about how M A Doran ended up at Matiatia below.

Can anyone tell us more about Dione?

Harold Kidd Input – The Percy Vos DIONE is WW’s masthead pic and is not the boat in the pic. She was built for F.H. Seccombe in late 1927. In August 1929 Frank Seccombe had Allely Bros install a 70hp Kermath engine in her. ALLEY = ALLELY?
Secondly there was another DIONE contemporary with the Vos DIONE. She was registered as #198 from 1920 and may well be the DIONE in this pic. Unfortunately I have no name for her owner. She certainly looks very much like one of Chas Palmer’s early Collings & Bell ADELAIDEs.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 10.23.13 pm