What Price Provenance – 100 Year Old Game Fishing Wooden Launch

What Price Provenance – 100 Year Old Game Fishing Wooden Launch

The legendary sport game fishing launch Alma G has just popped up on tme (thanks Ian McDonald) , without doubt one of the world’s best known and successful game boats.
Presented in better than new condition, with a 270hp Hyundai engine that sees the 36’ hull topping out at 20 knots. 

Built in 1922 by Collings and Bell, there is a big birthday coming up and she has already had the face lift in anticipation.

So woodys, I guess at a reserve of $275k your not just buying a classic woody boat but a 100 year old business / brand (she is still in survey). 
Photo below c.1950’s, shows Alma G on the left in the photo + link below to previous WW story / details https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/11/05/alma-g-alma-g-ii/

Harold Kidd Input – ALMA G was launched in October/November 1922 and took part in the Russell Regatta in December 1922 (see Auckland Star 28/12/1922)

Tamariki – Sailing Sunday

Tamariki – Sailing Sunday

photo & details ex Wendy Muir
One of the spin offs in the revival of the classic boating scene has been the increased interest & ownership in smaller ‘day’ boats. At the latest meeting of the Mullet Boat committee at the Ponsonby Cruising Club it was announced that Rob Warring and Martin Robertson announced had acquired the famous 1934 Charles Collings designed mullet boat Tamariki L11. The pair explained their plan to restore her to full race ready condition, this will see her competing against her 1915 class mate Valeria. Both Rob and Martin have the credentials to get this project underway and completed. Both are highly experienced boat builders and mullet boat enthusiasts. Rob has recently restored and relaunched Rangi Manu, so who better to get the job done.  Saving this historic boat is obviously not going to come without effort and cost. Rob and Martin are hoping that there are other enthusiasts out there who will help either with labour or finance. They are not doing this for themselves, but to preserve a very important part of Auckland’s marine heritage.

To read more about the history & current day racing of our Mullet boat’s – click the links below


A Wee Bonus – if you want to see some seriously cool classic yachts & launches – check out the 100+ photos from the 2016 Hurum Trebatfestival in Norway – sooooooo much varnish 🙂





photo ex Brian Fulton

Brian took the above photo in Woolshed Bay, Coromandel over the 2015 Xmas / New Year period. She is called Raira & is based at Panmure.

Interested to learn more about her.

Harold Kidd Update

RAIRA was designed by Charles Collings but built by her first owners, the McLeod brothers, Ted and Ray, and J. Verran, at Bayswater and launched in February 1915. She was 38′ x 38′ x 9′ x 3′ and was originally fitted with a 3 cylinder 30hp heavy duty Twigg, built in Auckland. She usually cruised with AUMOE after Alex Foster (of Fosters) bought her in 1919/20. The bridgedeckerisation was done by W.G. Lowe & Son in 1937 when owned by N.J. Campbell.
Her lines were published in the N.Z. Yachtsman magazine in 1914.

Photo below ex Jason Prew (Wairiki) of Raira crossing the Firth of Thames on the 27-12-2015

08-01-2016 Input from Jonathon Aston

Raira has been our family launch for the last 13 years and have many great memories. In 2009 we put Raira onto a large shed and over the next 3 years completely re-ribbed, refastened & re-corked her hull with thousands of copper nails & roves just like the McLeod brothers did when building her all those years ago as well as replacing all her keel bolts with new silicon bronze bolts. The stern deck was added in the 70’s & the bridge was added in 1982 by a local boatbuilder while based in Tauranga. She was brought back to Auckland in the early 90’s & has been based at the Panmure  Yacht & Boating club since.

Original lines & recent photos ex Jonathon Aston